Take the same care with storing your baby food as you take in making it! 

We spend hours cooking nutritious meals for our little ones and it makes perfect sense to store this in safe, non-toxic containers.

So why should you choose glass ahead of plastic...

Keeps Food Safe: 

Scientists no longer ask if toxic substances migrate from plastic to food during microwave heating. They ask how many toxins migrate. They ask if you should use plastic to reheat foods... They ask far too many questions and provide too few reassuring answers, this is concerning, so I prefer to play it safe and use glass.

Glass' non-porous surface does not absorb food odours and germs and eliminates chemical or stains. Glass can be safely washed at high temperatures in your dishwasher with no worries of scratching or warping of the surface. By washing in high temperatures this makes it easy to sanitise.

Switching to glass for food prep, eating, and storage will make a big change in the amount of toxic chemicals you are exposed to through your food and drinks. Consider all the food items that you already buy in plastic or foam containers.

Fresh Food:

Glass’ safe, glossy surface repels food odours and residual flavours and makes food taste fresher, cleaner and fuller than plastic. Food inside a glass container will maintain nutritional values and freshness for a longer period of time. Glass helps maintain cold temperatures and provides a barrier against moisture and oxygen ensuring that the food inside a container keeps its freshness, aroma, and flavour longer.

Helps Our Planet: 

We need to save our planet for our children's future. Using glass instead of plastic significantly reduces our landfill. It takes 40% less energy to recycle glass than manufacture new glass and up to 80% of all recycled glass can be reclaimed. Each tonne of recycled glass saves a tonne of natural resources, including sand and limestone.

Fortunately, almost all glass containers are produced using some recycled material so it is not only environmentally friendly but also economically beneficial.

Easy and Simple Cleaning:

Clear glass container's makes it easier to see what you've stored, especially when in the fridge or freezer.

Glass’ non-porous surface doesn’t absorb dyes or colours. You can store bolognese in glass one day and put cream the next—with no fear of garlicky flavours or greasy red stains remaining.