We're Elk & Friends, welcome to our world.

We create safe, fun and environmentally friendly products for the most precious little people in your life!

Georgie, like most, wears many hats; Business owner, product innovator, inventor, problem solver, friend, wife and most importantly, mother-of-two (more if you count husband + pets...).

It is the two little people in Georgie's life that inspired the creation of Elk & Friends. As a new Mum, searching for safe, eco-friendly food and drink products for children was hard! Georgie wanted to prepare and safely store beautiful fresh food and drinks in the fridge or freezer, but all she could find was the dreaded plastic. Thus, the brand was born.

After more than four years, today, we design sustainable, innovative and safe products for children. 

All products are created from quality, natural materials and rigorously tested, ensuring each design is 100% safe for your children and the environment. We promise, no nasty toxins can creep into any of our products!

Have a question or want to drop us a line? We'd love to hear from you.

Thanks for supporting small and shopping with Elk & Friends.