Compliance and Testing 

Our Absolute Commitment is to Child Safety. 
As parents ourselves, our priority is the safety and security of our children. Indeed, it is the reason why Elk and Friends was created. 

We Only Use Safe Materials in all of our Products.
We consciously choose not to use materials that we believe should not be used in children’s products.  Instead, we create our products from safe non-porous materials such as glass, stainless steel and porcelain. 

We Create Safe Experiences through our Innovative Designs. 
Innovation and safety are central to our approach. We actively explore unconventional yet practical alternatives, like silicone sleeves, to complement our products. These solutions enhance durability without compromising safety, adding to our commitment to providing comprehensive protection for children. 

We undertake Rigorous Testing Procedures. 
All of our products meet stringent safety criteria and testing.  We engage Independent CPSC Accredited Testing Laboratories to test each and every one of our products.  Consequently, all Elk and Friends products meet strict safety regulations and standards. 

Peace of Mind. 
Ensuring the safety of children’s products is crucial and we fully support the testing of all children’s products before they go to market.  In addition to meeting the strict safety and quality standards through the testing process, we also do our own research to ensure that the materials and designs we create meet our own high standards.  All Elk and Friends products undergo comprehensive safety analysis thus providing peace of mind to you. 

Creation Process.

The above is our commitment to you.  It also underscores our dedication to creating social environments where children can play and grow safely and also our commitment to minimise our impact on the World’s environment.