Baby Silicone Spoons | First Stage Infant Spoons

$12.99 USD

FIRST STAGE SPOONS: Our silicone spoons are designed for when your baby is ready to explore solid foods. They encourage self-feeding and independence at the table and are perfect for little mouths and hands with the soft, flexible and light weight silicone that is gentle on gums and easy to grasp.

SAFE: Made from food grade silicone that contains no harmful additives or fillers. Perfect for babies and toddlers’ mouths with the rounded smooth silicone edge and narrow tip. BPA Free & Dishwasher safe. For a deeper clean they can be boiled.

2 IN 1 SPOON: This spoon will grow with your baby – the handle can be used for dipping into purees and the other side can be used for scooping. The shallow and narrow scoop has been designed to ensure the right amount of food is picked up for little mouths.

TEETHING SOOTHER: Perfect for when your baby is teething as the textured soft handle is easy for chewing and soothes babies gums.

Elk and Friends Products


As parents we’re conscious of what our kids put in their mouths. This is why, at Elk and Friends, we put our products through rigorous independent testing to ensure they meet FDA standards.


We are friends of the earth. We invest in research and use materials that have minimal environmental impact without compromising the safety, functionality and lifespan of the product.


Punchy pinks and gorgeous greens…our products come in a range of bold, fun colours. Our textured silicone sleeves feature designs of adorable woodland creatures, meaning less spills and more thrills at the dinner table.


Every parent knows how much ‘stuff’ kids need as they grow. To get the most from our products, we have designed our tumblers to be used for more than just liquids but to store purees and food that can be frozen for another day.


Elk and Friends is a community of people who have been there, at the other end of all the mess and worry. We are devoted to listening and evolving our products to make them work harder for the benefit of you and our planet.

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