Stainless Steel Bento Lunch Box with Silicone Lid (Misty Blue)

$38.99 USD

INNOVATIVE: We’ve put some thought into this lunch container, designed to make you and your little ones lives easier. It’s not only super light but our new innovative bento lunch box design adorns a removable silicone lid for effortless washing. Coupled with 4 compartments, made for delicious kid-friendly meals, snacks and more. You can keep the contents fresh all day with our advanced silicone seals ensuring a mess-free, air-tight experience.

TODDLER FRIENDLY: Uniquely designed for all hands to grip and pull, our latches make it easy for toddlers to open, ensuring hassle-free access and no jammed fingers. Lightweight, unlike other bento boxes on the market, and an easy to carry lunch box, perfect for little ones on the move.

SAFE AND MODERN CREATION: Crafted with top-notch Stainless Steel 304 and Food Grade Silicone, and absolutely no plastic. Our lunch box guarantees durability and safety for everyday use, as well as fun colors for your little one to enjoy.

DISHWASHER FRIENDLY: All parts, including the easily removable lid, are dishwasher safe. Say goodbye to big and clumsy lunch boxes, ours is designed for hassle-free cleaning all round.

Elk and Friends Products


As parents we’re conscious of what our kids put in their mouths. This is why, at Elk and Friends, we put our products through rigorous independent testing to ensure they meet FDA standards.


We are friends of the earth. We invest in research and use materials that have minimal environmental impact without compromising the safety, functionality and lifespan of the product.


Punchy pinks and gorgeous greens…our products come in a range of bold, fun colours. Our textured silicone sleeves feature designs of adorable woodland creatures, meaning less spills and more thrills at the dinner table.


Every parent knows how much ‘stuff’ kids need as they grow. To get the most from our products, we have designed our tumblers to be used for more than just liquids but to store purees and food that can be frozen for another day.


Elk and Friends is a community of people who have been there, at the other end of all the mess and worry. We are devoted to listening and evolving our products to make them work harder for the benefit of you and our planet.

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